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Step 1

You have to create a free lifetime account for GrooveFunnels™, you need the GroovePages App to create pages


Step 2

Fill up the form and click the Get Free Access button you will receive your login details via email

Step 3

Login into your fresh account and choose GroovePages on the left sidebar

Step 4/1

Now you can choose a blank template and use the simple drag-and-drop interface to start building

Step 4/2

Or, choose one of the built-in templates from the wide variety you will find inside

Step 5

When your new page is ready you can publish it under a GroovePages subdomain or you can use your own domain

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But wait, how fast is "Superfast" ?

To check this out you can use the free version of the Ubersuggest Tool at . Simply insert the url of your page and click search. When's ready you will see something like this :

GrooveFunnels ™ uses a progressive Javascript framework called 



GroovePages preloads the entire HTML structure without pinging the servers, that's why it allows pages created to load extra fast.

Unlimited hosting and bandwidth are included.

GroovePages comes with an built-in affiliate program. Once your free account was created, you are automatically signed up for the affiliate program 

The free promotion ends after the Corona crisis is over

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